is an initiative taken to bring the maxims of law to the public in a way which will be easier to assimilate.  Technical jargons sometimes become a deterrent for the common man to understand the law of the land. Hence his aversion in trying to take the initiative to understand the finer nuances of law and thus benefit from the same.  Unfortunately not many people have the access to legal and technical counsel at their beck and call and thus the over dependence on the legal fraternity who are already overburdened with enough cases.

We at have thus decided to provide a platform to bridge this huge gap that exists between the legal fraternity and the common man.  With the advent of cheap mobile and cheaper internet access this difference can be negated and a common forum can be developed where the unknown can voice their concerns and the known can provide counsel.

The whole initiative has been sounded of by Mr.Arun (a) Aldrin B.A., B.Ed., practicing law at MHC wants to be the crusader and act as the good shepherd as the maxim goes.   He and his group of friends have already decided to empanel some top legal counsel who will provide timely help to millions of citizens who want a helping hand to guide them with their problems.